Here’s What Andrew Did – What Have You Done?

Andrew Darlow was in the audience for my presentation at Podcast and New Media Expo 2007 where I encouraged the audience to start thinking like big media.

See, BIG MEDIA refuses to just allow and/or focus on a single income stream. Podcasters tend to be obsessed with their low ad insert CPM numbers and I suggested that Podcasters should spread their wings and grab revenue from all the possible angles.

Andrew was part of the QA and asked for specifics for him. I told him to JUST GET OUT THERE AND DO IT.

What has he done so far? He just sent me an update by email…


I set up a companion website for my book, entitled

I used affiliate links to point people to my book on and (Barnes and Noble).

I have links throughout the book that can be accessed on the book's companion site (, and I added two additional columns for affiliate/sponsored links. There are many opportunities for these two sections in the future.

I blog about upcoming book signings, seminars and other events on my site dedicated to digital photo tips and new media:

I am using a customized WordPress theme (Vertigo Electrified) for my main two sites ( and, which has made updating the site easy. The number of available plug-ins is incredible! LINK to theme on which my site is based:


I spoke at the New Media Expo in Ontario, CA and mentioned how I'm promoting my book through my digital photo and imaging site,

I did a two hour seminar at the at the largest photo show in the USA, the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York City entitled “50 Inkjet Tips,” which tied in well with the book's content. I allowed people to write questions and allowed them to check a box to subscribe to my Inkjet & Imaging Tips newsletter.

I did two book signings at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. I followed that up with a book launch party one evening after the show. That allowed me to invite many of my friends, book contributors and press contacts.


I set up an aweber mailing list account and offer free resolution chart and instructions for choosing file sizes when printing, plus I offer a tip each week from the book when people subscribe.

I offer the ability for people to “subscribe to my blogs” on and (also setup through

I mentioned upcoming event on some of the newsgroups I moderate, and invited people from a number of the groups to the first book launch party.

I updated my signature line to include the name of the book, plus a link to the book's companion site.


I offer signed/personalized copies of my book through the companion website for the book.

I will soon offer a “book and signed print” offer.

I spoke with a number of people from photo organizations about doing workshops for photographers about inkjet printing, which I'm in the process of putting together now.

I offer 1 on 1 training and consulting, and designed a consulting form for my site to help make that easier to manage. LINK:


I was interviewed for an hour on a radio show that is also a podcast, called Inside Digital Photo. LINK:

I was interviewed on Inside Mac Radio about tips for using Apple Mail, and mentioned my upcoming book. LINK:

I got in contact with the hosts of a few of my favorite podcasts related to photography to ask if they would like to give away a few books to their audience, and they have agreed.

I listened to Paul Colligan during his talk at the Podcast and New Media Expo and told him “what I did!.”

That last part was an unneeded suckup – but I'll take it Andrew.

So, what have you done? Let us know below and if it's really good, I'll feature your actions too!

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