Having Microsoft In The Podcasting Game Is Changing Some Things Already

Podcamp AZ is today. My take on the whole Podcamp movement has been written about elsewhere but as pointed out in ZuneLuv.com, Zune's sponsorship of the event is something we never thought we see come out of Microsoft.

I've heard from reliable sources that they are a sponsor of the Blog World Expo as well but can't find anything at the Blog World Expo site to reflect.

Yeah, Microsoft is ready to enter this space something fierce.

I think we're going to have plenty more surprises than what shows up on the 13th.

It's good to have a “big name” in the Podcasting world (I mean really in it, not just placing it on their hardware). Always thought it would be Apple first.

p.s., We chatted about Zune and Podcasting in the latest episode of Marketing Online Live. I'd recommend a listen (we even added a Zune subscribe button over at the site)

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