A Different (Unpopular) Take On The Radiohead Experiment

Why won't anybody run the REAL numbers on the Radiohead experiment? How the #*(&$#(* can this be regarded as anything other than a success?

From Comscore we've found that “2 out of 5 Downloaders Willing to Pay an Average of $6 for “In Rainbows” Album.” Do the math on that one. Radiohead collected $12 for every 5 “albums.” That's more than $2 per album. I bet there ain't a “big” record label on the planet paying those numbers (to the artist).

From Podcasting News, “During the first 29 days of October, 1.2 million people worldwide visited the In Rainbows site, with a significant percentage of visitors ultimately downloading the album.” Let's call “significant” at 750,000 (I would call significant a lot more than that but I know the doom and gloomers). At the $2.40 per unit number above, we're look at $1.8 million collected.

As cool and as hip as Radiohead is, have they ever collected $1.8 million on an album (in a month)?

Especially one that made them even more popular and hip by “sticking it to the man” the way they did.

This model worked very well this round, despite the record label flacks looking to spin it any other way.

The question is will it work again? And again? And again?

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