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Monday (Yesterday) – Call 001 – Who Should Blog?

That already happened. You can listen to the stream here. Will be releasing a higher quality version later today. These teleseminars are the backbone of the class – and there will be plenty of them.

Tuesday (Today) – More Blogging Videos

You’ve seen the quality of the videos with our 7 Laws, 1-Click Install and USA Today videos. We’ll be releasing more of these today.

Wednesday – New Media Inner Circle Call – “Best Practices with and Other Video Upload Services”

There are three ways to purchase the program:

1 – Purchase direct and get LIFETIME access to all updates, new content, etc. Content will be delivered via RSS and through the private member site managed by

2 – Blog The Media content is included in my New Media Inner Circle (NMIC) program.

3 – If you’ve been pondering purchasing Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets 2008 program, have I got a deal for you. Purchase the class through this link and forward us your receipt and Blog The Media is yours for free.

Wednesday’s call is only for NMIC members. NMIC membership is free until 11/11/2007 but you will need to sign up if you want to get in on this call.

Thursday – Audio Release – “Repurposing Secrets”

Will be recorded and placed online.

Friday – 3p Pacific – Call 002 – “What Is Blogging? (Part 1)”

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