The Next Internet Millionaire Revenue Stream Keeps Coming – Part 1

I've mentioned Joel Comm's “Next Internet Millionaire” Podcast a few times previously in this Blog. Well, the “final” episode came out today and low and behold … in sticking true to form … there is a “tie” and the world has to decide.

The two contestants, Jaime and Charles are each selling products online this week and whoever generates the biggest revenue wins Joel's event.

Not bad, eh?

So, Jaime is selling a book called “From Cubicle Slave To Next Internet Millionaire.”

(We'll hit Trippy's piece of this in the next article)

How much revenue can you make from selling a paperback book?

Wait till you see the back-end on this one. She's teamed with everyone and their Mother (heck, I'm in there) to offer a “bonus” package for people who buy the book. As I mentioned, I'm in there.

She's also selling a 12 week training program.

Yeah, Jaime learned a few things from Joel.

And, I'd dare say, there are some Podcasters who have a thing or two to learn from Jaime.

p.s., if you purchase From Cubicle Slave To Next Internet Millionaire (at the Amazon price and through Amazon), my bonus is a Webinar on how we put Joel's initial video on iTunes and how we got top ten in iTunes just a few hours after launch. That alone should be worth the price of the book.

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