The Next Internet Millionaire Revenue Stream Keeps Coming – Part 2

I give Jaime’s story here. If I were a betting man, I’d say she’s going to win with the cross-promoting aspects and clear upsell of what she’s doing.

However, it wouldn’t be a contest at the Next Internet Millionaire unless she was battling someone for the title.

Enter Charles Trippy.

He claims to be a viral video expert. He plays the part of the punk kid very well. Carefully planned or his true nature – we’ll never know.

A quick search at shows 748,000+ views for his top video, 191,000+ for next second, 132,000+ for his third. By the time we get to #7, we’re at 55k+ (but it has only been up for three months).

So Charles is selling, what else, a DVD on creating viral videos called Viral Video Fever.

At that price ($47) he’s going to make a lot more per unit than Jaime.

But Jaime’s audience is everyone who wants to quit the day job.

Trippy’s audience is the type who wants to be Internet famous.

Who do you think will win?

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