The New Media Matters Show – Want To Be A Producer?

I met with some of my brain trust types today talking about our coming New Media Matters show.

FYI, the next beta show will be on November 14 at 7p Pacific / 10p Eastern. The topic will be Podcasting and the Zune. More details to come. I’m still stuck on this “live” idea but obviously, or at least I’d hope this is obvious, there will be a Podcast version.

For those who care, we’ll be using the tech at to manage this episode at least.

Anyway, the brain trust suggested an idea that I figured I should, at the very least, post here to see what people thought.

The format is going to be simple. Intro / Part 1 / Commercial Break / Part 2 / Commercial Break / Part 3 / Commercial Break / Close. One hour of content each week. The commercials will be placed into the live system and managed by me during the live show but for the Podcast version, I want to do things a little differently.

In short, same format, just an ad system that lets us go in an update old inventory with new pieces. Some episodes will be very topical and very “right now” but others will be designed to be evergreen and the ability to update those pieces with new advertising is what makes this so very attractive.

For the time being, we’ll be using Podango/Gigavox to manage that part of it all.

So I need someone after the event to a) take the pieces b) level and put online and c) post, tag, write MINI show notes, etc. No editing will be need minus a little front and back clipping of each piece. That’s part of the benefits of this live show format.

The main content files would come from my system at home (better quality when I’m at the “good” mic) most of the time. I could see occasions where we would do entire recordings from a bridgeline, but the producer will probably be able to pull the files off of whatever system we end up using.

So, here is where it gets interesting. Initially, I just want to sell enough ads to pay for the producer.

And here is what the brain trust suggested – Instead of raising money and paying a producer, why not see if anyone wants to produce in exchange for two of the ad inserts. I’m sure some bragging rights would be there as well.

I figured it’s worth a try.

If you are interested, state so (and list some qualifications) below. Sure makes my accounting easier.

You will need to know the Podango/Gigavox Audio Lite system and prove that you’ve used it before.

Results should be interesting.

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