Hulu Impresses

I got my Hulu beta pass yesterday.

And, before you ask, they don’t give you any passes or invites to give away – at least at this point.

First impressions are very nice. The video is very smooth and I’ll have no problems integration those shows into my little Year of Living Digitally experiment. Full screen looks as good, if not better, than any other system (minus, maybe the ABC HD stream options)

How long are the commercials? I actually skipped over content on new shows (King of the Hill), old shows (“Classic Battlestar Galactica”), and movies (The Jerk?) At this point the commercials at the commercial breaks are either absent, or short 15 second types. I’m sure they will/might change that in the future but I’m enjoying the experiment as it stands.

I’ve been streaming the NBC shows this season and have been enjoying the process/thought of streaming video on demand over the Internet. Hulu provides for the same experience, in better quality, with fewer clicks to get to the content, and a screen far-less messy.

I’d say that’s a step in the right direction.

FWIW, I’ve embedded the most recent episode of King of the Hill over at the Year of Living Digitally. Turns out the embed feature works with certain shows and not others (originally, I was going to embed last night’s Chuck) and won’t let you go fullscreen or pop out of the frame.

But you do get an idea of the streaming quality, ease of use, etc.

Good job NBC.

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