Prediction: 40% of Video Online By 2012

I put this up in my Podcast Statistics page but I want to make some commentary on it here.

At a recent “networking event” in New York, the lead predicted that 40% of consumed video will be online by 2012. Reps for Hulu, Google and Turner were there and nobody argued with the prediction.

This was the quote of quotes for me though

I believe traditional broadcast is still important as a reach medium

Did you catch that?

“A” reach medium.

Broadcast is quickly becoming just ONE OF THE OPTIONS.

The rest of the options are ours.

I mentioned earlier that Hulu is impressive. I stick to that point. Watched a few shows through it over the weekend and the trade of maybe 2 minutes total of commercials instead of our $1.99 purchase seems to almost be worth it (plus the ability to just click and start watching is very nice too).

But on that same TV a bit later that evening I watched an Ask A Ninja through my Zune Home AV Pack and then mellowed to some HD Yule Log action.

Internet delivered my video. It came from mega corps (I still luvs me the NBC Heroes), Hollywood apartments (Ninja), and video bloggers with this year’s version of the Jingle Cats (

40% is fine for me, I’ll take that percentage of a “reach medium.”

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