Here’s One Way To Tell That This Stuff Actually Works …

Tim Street mentioned something on his blog on Tuesday that should have shot to the top of everyone’s attention, let alone Techmeme, etc.

See, this stuff actually works.

Everybody is wondering if streaming is a viable model and, guess what, … the networks underestimated how many people would watch television online and “once the networks streamed the number of spots they promised advertisers, they switched to promos and tried to find new online advertisers.

So, there is an audience.

There is an audience who is willing to watch ads.

And advertisers aren’t taking advantage of this.

Instead they’re, well, let’s not go into that right now.

Advertisers, do you hear me? You can get some eyeballs at a pretty good rate right now. You might want to buy a lot of inventory.

This is only going to get bigger.

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