Teleseminar Secrets – My Teleseminar Obsession Webinar

Update: Registration for the Webinar is now closed. You can grab a recording via at

One week from today, Teleseminar Secrets 2008 will close. Thursday is the Teleseminar Secrets Preview Call.

I figured I’d answer those who have accused me of being “obsessed” with Teleseminars with a special “Teleseminar Obsession” Webinar.

Yes, I’m doing a Webinar about why I love Teleseminars.

I get the irony.

It will all make sense come Wednesday.

The event is next Wednesday at 1p Pacific. You can sign up for free here. I’ll take Q&A when I’m done.

We’ll also send a recording of the Webinar to anyone who signs up (even if you don’t attend).

Anyone in new media will have something to learn here – trust me.

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