Again – People Will Pay For What They Can Get For Free

With a geeklike thrill, a lot of people bought the download of Battlestar Galatica Razor on Amazon

Kinda funny – when I bought it, it was only $1.99. I guess someone realized that there is a TOP SELLING DVD of the thing too. How well is top selling? I cut and paste this:

#1 in DVD > Animation > Science Fiction
#1 in DVD > Action & Adventure > Television > Battlestar Galactica (Remake)
#2 in DVD > Television > Made-for-TV Movies

A top selling DVD at $20, a download at $15 for SOMETHING THEY COULD HAVE WATCHED FOR FREE?

By the way, the DVD is on my Christmas list – even though I already bought the download. Am I nuts? No, just a sucker for the extras!

Speaking of extras …

Remember the Next Internet Millionaire Podcast?

I actually, I got the download numbers so I know the answer to that one ;-).

Yes, the content that you can download for free has been packaged up in the ultimate boxed set.

For me, the reality tv stuff did nothing for me – it was the content of all these marketing hotshots trying to out teach the other ones that caught my attention.

3 minutes of Marlon Sanders was a treat.

The DVD set has 2 hours of my favorite Marketing Ninja (see, I work Day of the Ninja in again).

2 hours of Brad Fallon – 2 hours of Perry Marshall – etc.

Yeah, he gave away the highlights for free in a very compelling show.

Twas almost as if the show was an infomercial for “The Secret Classroom.


This ain't a scifi/boyz game either.

Happy Slip is now on DVD as well.

I love this stuff.

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