Teleseminar Obsession Content Available (Thanks To Parkinson’s Law)

82 minutes ago I went online with a bunch of Webinar types wanting to hear about my Teleseminar Obsession. It went well and we even raised some money for the project.

The audio is now online via a Premium (free, but Premium) Podcast over at How did I get something like that out so quickly? I was under a time limit.

The paragraph version (and some insight into my mind) of the content I gave is as follows: Parkinson's Law dictates that if I do my content creation in front of a live audience at a scheduled time (i.e., a teleseminar) I can choose how much time it takes me to create the content (i.e., SPEED THINGS UP). I create my best New Media content in front of a teleseminar audience and just shoot it down as many channels as possible when I'm done (like that link above). The Teleseminar Secrets program I keep obsessing over is the best place to learn content creation, audience building and content monetization. Combine that with the Podcast channel and we got something very interesting (and profitable) indeed.

If you're interested in how that all fits together, do subscribe. If the above explanation was enough, glad I could help.

The MP4 is encoding, I'll add it to the feed a bit later tonight (after I do another bit of content creation via Webinar leveraging Parkinson's Law to make it all happen quickly.

Yes, I'm having for fun than should be allowed. Thanks for coming on this ride with me.

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