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* Updated 12/7 – 11:38 AM – Notice the strategy session information added under Preview Content.
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One last post with all of the Teleseminar Secrets 2008 information in one place. I believe with everything I got that there isn’t a better place for any content producer to learn excellence in content production, audience building and revenue generation from than this class. I’m taking it for the 4th time (once you’re in, you’re an alumni for life) and am thrilled. I’d love you to join me and have done all I can to convince you accordingly. The last details are below.


Note – you can still purchase the preview call. The thank you page will take you directly to the recording. It’s 4.5 hours long – so get on it asap! Thursday, December 6, 6p Pacific / 9p Eastern: Teleseminar Secrets 2008 Preview Call. This is a direct (and inexpensive) sample from the firehose that is Teleseminar Secrets from Alex Mandossian direct. This link will get you in for $20 if you use the $79-off coupon attached. If you click after the call takes place, it will be too late. I will be on the call talking about taking a Teleseminar and making it a Podcast – listen for me!

Saturday, December 8, 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern: Deadline To Purchase Teleseminar Secrets 2008. Try to order at 5:01 pm and you go on the list for next year.

Preview Content

No strings attached Teleseminar-related content options.

If you still haven’t decided, consider attending one of Alex’s live Strategy Sessions on the phone. Dates are as follows – SS1: Dec. 7th: 9:55am (PST) 12:55pm (EST), SS2: Dec. 7th: 11:55am (PST) 2:55pm (EST), and SS3: Dec. 8th: 8:55am (PST) 11:55am (EST).

My Teleseminar Obsession Webcast is available as a Podcast at Get a better understanding of how I think this whole teleseminar thing fits into my bigger picture of new media. Also learn about the killer bonus pack I offer if your purchase Teleseminar Secrets through my affiliate link.

The Teleseminar Secrets Podcast will also give you a great taste of what’ ahead. That was me and Alex, last year, creating podcast content through a teleseminar. It’s sort of a “hey, this stuff actually works” proof-of-concept kinda thing.

My Bonus Package

It has always been a tradition in bigger ticket items such as Teleseminar Secrets for the affiliates to offer a “bonus pack” to anyone who purchases the product through their affiliate link. This lets the big ticket guys not focus on marketing and actually let them reward a sales staff for, well, sales, instead of throwing thousands at an add campaign and hoping it works. I’m thrilled to be representing this product and offer what I think is a very cool bonus package for those who sign up through me.

  • 2007-2008 New Media Inner Circle Membership – next year the price goes up to $107 a month. Everything I do or teach is shot down the exclusive New Media Inner Circle RSS feed. $107 for 13 months is $1391.
  • Podcast Secrets 2008 – Because you’ll be in my New Media Inner Circle, you’ll have access to all of the Podcast Secrets 2008 content (and will be invited to the reunion). This will retail for at least $1497.
  • My Teleseminar Secrets 2008 Commentary Series. I’ve been asked by a few members of the New Media Inner Circle to provide some commentary on how TSS 2008 “translates” into this New Media world. After each class I’ll shoot my commentary down the NMIC channel. If you aren’t in the channel, you’ll need to pay $497 to get that content.

Yes, that’s a total of $3385 – much more than the actual price of Teleseminar Secrets 2008.


This is sort of the like the final pledge drive at the end of a great week of content. This helps me pay the bills and lets me do everything else I do. Thanks for playing along.

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