7 Things To Do, Today, To Make Your Podcast More Valuable

7 things you can do, TODAY, to make your Podcast more valuable. Yes, these are extremely “superficial” in nature but will score you big points with those putting a value on what you’re offering to the world.

1 – Spend less than ten bucks on a domain name for your new production company. Start acting bigger than your Podcast by having an entity that produces your Podcast. Ever wondered why everything I have is under the name “Podcast Partnership?” Ever noticed that Galacticast is managed by 8 Bit Brownies? Ever noticed the footer that calls Grape Radio a Willnick Production? Advertisers don’t want to deal with directors, they want to deal with producers. You’re a producer – spend $10 looking like one.

2 – Get some album art for your Podcast that doesn’t look like you know your way around Photoshop. Your gift to the world isn’t Photoshop, it’s your Podcast. Get some album art that looks like album art. You can do this.

3 – Don’t advertise anything on your Podcast site that says “I got this for free” – If your free blog template requires a link back, either consider getting one that doesn’t, or pay the designer what they ask to remove that link. Fine, be cheap, just don’t advertise to the world that you are. Is it time to buy for hosting?

4 – Be very careful about using your Feedburner chicklet to advertise how many subscribers you have. I don’t care how high or low the number is. You control the message about the size and makeup of your audience, not a tiny graphic from Feedburner/Google.

5 – The merits of a donation button can be argued until the cows come home. I will declare without wavering that a poorly placed donation element can look like desperation attempt. Valuable Podcasts don’t look desperate.

6 – Make your production look as desirable as possible to the outside world. Consider advertising for so “big names” through their affiliate programs, etc. If I see eBay, GotoMeeting and Rhapsody all at your site – I’m gonna think great things. You can set all of those up in few minutes via CJ.com.

7 – Trust me on this one. It’s a minor change but tremendous. Stop referring to it as “my Podcast”, refer to it as “the Podcast” and “my business.” “Our Podcast” works great as well. You don’t produce a Podcast, you have a business that produces a Podcast. Start referring to it that way and the world will see it that way.

None of these are hard. All of these are doable.

Do you have anything to add to this list?

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