Watching A New Media Meme Mature Before My Eyes – While Rockin’ Out

For the hundreds of you joined in on the Geoff Smith live concert / album launch party, you know what a treat it was. What a guy.

For those of you who missed it, you missed out on something very special.

The whole family watched the first hour or so before the kids went to bed (hooked the laptop up to the television – remember my whole Year of Living Digitally thing). My seven year old is in her first year of piano lessons so she was very curious. Geoff played “Great Balls of Fire” in full piano bar glory and I don’t know if Lindsey will be the same. She asked as I was putting her to bed “can we buy the cd?”

Sadly no, could you imagine the mess of getting rights for a piano bar guy taking requests?

What a pathetic shame. But that’s another post all together.

At the height of it, there were about 325 people on the stream. It started to choke around that time. Don’t know if that is coincidence but let’s be way conservative and say – that was the max.

How many does Geoff see in his bar on a Thursday night?

How many albums does he sell on a Thursday night?

How big is his tip jar on a Thursday night?

I’m gonna bet he broke some records tonight.

Yes, how often can he do this?

But there is something to this intimate house concert model here.

We’ve already seen Chris Pirillo doing “Call for Help” over at

What about fabulous teachers teaching a home school crowd?

Doulas teaching childbirth breathing exercises?

Grandmas teaching how to really cook?

Beer brewers?

The mind is blown with the options.

This list could go on and on.

BTW, kids didn’t mention once that the video was grainy or that the audio wasn’t perfect.

Cause it ain’t about that.

Thanks Geoff.

Thanks Cali.

Thanks uStream for making this possible.

I’m gonna go to bed tonight with great tunes and visions of new models dancing in my head.

How about you?

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