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With the Writer's Strike, traditional “Hollywood” don't have content to deliver the ads on anymore. That's o.k., we do.

Check out this article from Adotas re a “pretty groundbreaking” marketing campaign made up of audience impressions through the Podshow network.

Was it on NBC? CBS? FOX? Or, maybe it was on Howard Stern’s radio show. Nope. It was all online through the growing reach of podcasting. That’s right – over a 10-day period and a handful of shows on the PodShow network we delivered 2.1 million impressions. Even better, we got to target our media buy to exactly the audience we wanted.


Now, my readers know I'm not a big fan of ad insertion as the best model for Podcast monetization but if you're gonna do it, this is the way to do it (strength in numbers). Say what you want about Podshow but in this case they delivered and … gosh darn it … they impressed the client.

I suggest you compare this to the story that NBC is actually REFUNDING advertisers because they can't deliver the goods anymore.

Update: Confimed with Cali – nope, they weren't part of this. I tried to confirm with Cali at Geekbrief but I don't even think they were part of the mentioned campaign. If this is true, yes, Podshow can deliver millions of impressions – even without one of their “big name” shows. If this isn't true, I must have missed a week of Geekbriefs somewhere.

Good show, Podshow.

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