Just Part Of What iYule.tv Made Possible … Thank You

What a thrill to work on the iYule.tv project with Cali, Neal and Geoff. What pros and what great people.

What a thrill to see it picked up by everyone from TWiT to Pirillo and from Tim Ferris (I've never been associated with anything called “ubercool” before) to the New York Times. A partial list of media promotion can be found here.

But the best thing of all is what we've been able to do with the cash: A percentage of the money has gone to purchase 1/15 of a school in Nepal, another piece went to fund an “English Expert Library” in a low income area of Highland Park, some went to help purchase books for ESL students in North Carolina and we helped some pre-k kids in Illinois go on a reading ride.

And that's just from the chunk of it that I get to spend. Reports will be coming from Cali, Neal and Geoff soon too.

Thank you … from the bottom of my heart.

Next time I watch that fireplace, it will burn a little brighter.

Happy New Year friends.

Wait till you see what we do with this in 2008.

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