Nice Job Revision 3 – Look At These Numbers

Got a token press release from the media relations people for Revision3. The title “Pioneering Network Delivers Over 100 Million Clips in 2007, Establishing Leadership Position in Internet TV Market.” Here's the piece at Fox Business.

O.k., I'll bite.

Why this stuff doesn't make Techmeme but 3,000 pieces on “why Twitter matters” does is beyond me, but that's another post all together.

Some highlights:

For the full year Revision3 delivered a total of more than 25 million shows, and over 103 million clips.

Stop telling me the “numbers aren't there.”

Our programming delivers an unprecedented 100% unaided sponsor recall, and 4 out of every 10 viewers have purchased product or services from our sponsors.

Stop telling me that “online advertising ain't as good.”

“It’s all about getting our great content in front of as many people as possible,” said Jim Louderback, CEO at Revision3

This is why I call Louderback wicked smart. This isn't about Podcasting, this is about new media, shot down as many channels as possible, including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, the Podcast.

Podcasting's future is Podcasting's content going down non-Podcasting channels. Wizzard, are you listening? Blubrry, are you listening? Podshow, are you listening?

All you New Media titans, are you listening?

New Media's future is shooting New Media's content down as many channels as possible, including the Podcast.

The numbers are there.

The response rates are proven.

Let's make 2008 the year we pay the bills.

Hats off Revision3.

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