Next (Live) New Media Matters Show – Wednesday, January 9th – Topic Is: Podcasting and CES Roundup

The next (live) New Media Matters Show is scheduled for January 9 at 7p Pacific, 10p Eastern. As always, the recording will be available soon after the event and delivered to subscribers via Podcast but I wanted to give you some opportunity to interact with the show.

First of all, you can listen live (no registration required, just click the flash play button) here:

You’ll notice there are several streaming options. We’re using for this process and are pretty thrilled with it.

You can submit questions for the show at the New Media Matters site. We also have the option of calling in voice mail with questions about the topic at hand at 206-350-2449.

We’ll play some of the comments and questions on the show if appropriate.

The topic for next week’s show – CES and Podcasting 2008 Roundup.

I’ll be talking about CES from the point of view of the Podcaster and answering some questions that have come in lately about Podcasting in general. We are getting near Podcast Secrets season again, you know.

If you have questions about CES or Podcasting, feel free to contribute through the options listed above.

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