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Check this out – the first Social Media Telesummit.

My cynical readers (and I love you dearly) will say “this is another one of those get rich schemes” and pass on it. Fine, enjoy, I would expect nothing less.

My insightful readers will read the letter a few times and note two different things:

Leesa has put together a very impressive speaker list. I’ll tell you this, to be on the same page and at the same event as Sherman Hu, Andy Wibbels, Jody Colvard, Paul Vogelzang, Anna Farmery and others is a kick in the pants. When this thing is done, it will be a treasure trove of social media content.

This model is the first of it’s kind – but you will see it again. Now, I’ll admit, I pushed hard for this model with Leesa but she saw the value of it and ran with it. I want to make sure you don’t miss this: The value of the event is in the content, not how the content is delivered.

When you read through the sales letter you’ll note that if you don’t pick the continuing education option and just buy the content, you essentially have two choices: listen once live for less – or listen multiple times at your own pace for more.

Where did she get this crazy model?

I paid $8 to see “Enchanted” with my girls. They were $7 each and Heidi was another $8. We paid $30 to watch it once. Yes, when iTunes releases it for $12 in a few months, it will be “more” than my ticket was but if you really run the numbers … you get the idea.

We see this model all over the place and for new media to survive, we have to embrace it as well. Leesa has done this with her Social Media Telesummit.

The skeptics won’t get this far but one could say “Leesa, your cost for the CD set is much less than the price of your cost for the PMP player.

You’d be right but YOU’D BE WRONG.

Stop focusing on production and distribution costs, start focusing on the value of the content. Leesa has been pretty bold in how she’s presented this event – and I couldn’t be prouder of her.

This is the model to follow people.

And, yes, the Social Media Telesummit is going to be well worth your money – no matter which package you buy.

Oh yeah, I am also tickled pink that 3 of my students from Podcast Secrets last year made it in as trainers for this event. That thrills me to no end at all. I had no idea who else Leesa was going to bring on this thing and just giggled when I read the sales letter.

More on the Social Media Telesummit at PaulRecommends.com.

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