Podcasting Is Not Dead – It Is Also Not The Story Anymore

You’ve seen me tracking numbers as of late. My presentation at CES had a bunch of them too. I posted late last night about Wizzard’s numbers. Again, put pinky to lips, one BILLION downloads. Couldn’t be more thrilled.

Actually, I could be.

I think we’re telling the wrong story.

As a few million geeks fly home from CES this week, how come nobody is reporting on the technology that made their flights possible?

I mean, airflight certainly isn’t dead.

When Steve Jobs makes his keynote next week, how come nobody is going to report on the wonders of streaming Quicktime?

Streaming sure ain’t dead.

When everybody writes about YouTube, how come nobody takes time to talk about the Web browsers that make YouTube possible?

The browser ain’t dead yet.

May I suggest dear friends that yes, Podcasting ain’t dead … but it ain’t the story either.

The tech world would laugh at a piece about CES that said the real story was the jet planes that got people there.

Bloggers would tear apart any piece about Job’s keynote next week that went on and on about the streaming Quicktime and how great it was.

Even my Dad would wonder why a piece about YouTube spent time focusing the Web browser.

May I also suggest that pieces about what we’re doing that focus on the Podcast deserve the same response?

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