Stompernet Free Giveaway – The Definitive Post


I've mentioned this before, but at the request of a number of you, I've decided to put together the definitive post on this.

The guys from Stompernet are launching a massive course on social media marketing tomorrow. To prove their value, they're giving away a nearly obscene amount of free content – videos, software, pdf training and more. We're talking hours of video, software I'd pay for, and an excellent PDF primer on social media marketing.

Yes, they will ask for an email address for some of the stuff (although you don't need an email to view the videos below) but these guys are top notch and follow/honor all of the “click here to unsubscribe” rules of the trade. They make enough money in this that, trust me, they don't want to get sued.

The Video Series

Three things to note on the video: 1) Note the “Go Full Screen” button on the bottom of the player. I highly recommend it. The quality of the video is excellent and the detail for some of the stuff will need a full screen. 2) You'll notice the “View Playlist” button the player. This is how you jump between the different videos. Watch all of them. 3) If you want to open this player on a new blank screen, click here.

The videos include (no email required):

Double Your Traffic And Triple Your Profits (22:17)” (a guide to getting some amazing double listings in Google).

Destroy Duplicate Content (24:47)” (a very important piece on the danger of using content from other sites).

Happy Holidays (6:49)” (a fun/short little video where they decide to giveaway the Stomper Scrutinizer software for free). Watch if for the funny dig at “The Rich Jerk.”

Stomper Scrutinzer (31:21) ” (where they show you how to use the free software).

Social Marketing – There Are No Secrets (50:38)” (excellent primer on social marketing – excellent).

Again, watch all of 'em, here. No need to sign up at their site.

The PDF Primer

You can grab the Social Media PDF here. Yes, that is me on page 29. Yes the story is true. I do answer any communication from these guys – even while at CES.

The Software

The FREE Stomper Scrutinizer software can be found here.

The Stompernet Blog

The Stomper Blog tracks all of these issues, the launch, etc. I suggest you head over and subscribe to the RSS.

At the very least, check out the crazy amount of comments they've got. Last time I checked, more than 150.

About Their Class

I love these guys because they ain't about selling Internet Marketing products to people who want to learn how to sell Internet Marketing products. These are real-world businesses in here (check out video two, yes the guy really sells swords on Yahoo) that are doing really (do I dare say obscenely?) well because of the stuff these guys teach.

If you want real world Social Media Marketing training. This is worth examining.

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