Jobs MacWorld Keynote 2008 – Your New Media Perspective

So here I liveblog the keynote livebloggers. My favorites – Engadget’s traditional blog approach and’s more chatroom angle on this.

Stream of facts, figures, etc. followed by some thoughts at the end.

As this all starts up I have to comment on this kind of “event marketing.” Nobody even comes close. Think about this, he’s made the launch of computer products not just sexy, but ubersexy. That alone I could write books about.

9:07 – Engadget, Geekbrief and Twitter all very slow. Look around for other “less popular” sources that might be faster (smaller crowds).

9:10 – TUAW seems faster than those listed above.

9:11 – Still sitting people. Steve likes things better choreographed than this. Something went funky in practice methinks.

9:16 – 5 million Leopards. 20% were upgrades (did Vista do that?) That’s a market people.

9:18 – Time Capsule – a backup appliance. Too bad I can’t get Airport Extreme to work in my home network environment. My PC / Mac / Xbox / Apple TV world is just too much for the system. Had to take it back. Excellent pricing though.

9:20 – Engadget, TUAW and Twitter all worthless at this point. Thanks Cali for remaining up. We have to learn how to scale.

9:21 – 4 million iPhones sold. iPhone is now a little more than half of Rim’s share (in 20 days). There’s another market.

9:24 – iPhone new features! Maps with location, Webclips, SMS multiple people, customize home page, lyrics.

9:30 – Publish #1 – Will Republish Every 30 Minutes.

9:35 – Got from Twitter that MacRumorsLive is doing a good job. They are.

9:35 – Upgrade to Touch – mail, stocks, notes, weather, maps – $20. Hmm. That won’t make some people happy.

9:36 – iTunes – 4 billion songs sold (market!), 20 million sold on Christmas Day (love them gift cards), 125 million television shows, 7 million movies. Here’s an interesting statement “Did not meet expectations.”

9:37 – Enter iTunes MOVIE RENTALS (“a better way to provide movies to our customers) – Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, Lionsgate, Newline, Fox, WB, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Sony – ALL IN. “Every major studio on board.”

9:40 – Geekbrief down.

9:40 – More on rentals – Over 1000 movies. Watch anywhere. Watch instantly. Available 30 days after DVD release (not bad). 30 days to start watching – 24 hours to finish (standard). $2.99 library – $3.99 new release. Pretty standard in this space. Launches today. Now Steve, tell us about the Apple TV integration …

9:41 – Looks like easy sync to iPod. That’s new. Finally, an easy rental system for portables that doesn’t require some obscure PMP.

9:45 – Apple TV Take 2. Nice. Rent movies direct. DVD and HD (Dolby 5.1). Podcasts. Flickr. .Mac. HD rentals $4.99 – 100 titles today (I’m watching one tonight). Looks like Apple TV is becoming a standalone device.

9:46 – Demo. Wish I could watch that. But then again, i do have one …

9:48 – Previews from interface. A little “others who rented this rented this” action.

9:49 – TUAW showing signs of life. The rest still down.

9:52 – Found great coverage at

9:52 – AppleTV wowness (and we haven’t gotten to our “one more thing” yet). I’m really impressed here.

9:57 – Photo screensavers from .Mac Web galleries for Apple TV. Jobs could OWN the grandma/grandpa market. Podcasts without iTunes. Yes! Wish my hard drive was bigger.

10:00 – Publish #2

10:01 – Can even buy music from within AppleTV. All this is a free software update (out in a few weeks). Entry price now $229. Nice.

10:06 – Geekbrief back up but CoveritLive “has reached capacity.” Supposed to refresh browsers in one minute.

10:08 – “Something in the air.” (4th thing). Introducing the MacBook Air. “World’s Thinnest Notebook.”

10:11 – Specs “.16” to “.76” (inches). It fits inside of an envelope. 13.3” widescreen display. LED backlit display. MacBook-like keyboard. Multi-touch trackpad. 64 GB SSD is an option. “They’re pricy, but they’re fast.”

10:16 – Engadget back up. Twitter still down. Can access mobile Twitter via iPhone but no new content in there.

10:20 – Twitter “up” – but sputtering.

10:24 – Yes, I know, I’m not freaking out over the MacBook air. This is your “new media” perspective. Don’t get me wrong, the thing is cool. Very cool.

10:30 – Publish #3 – “One More Publish?”

10:31 – Geekbrief CoveritLive back up.

10:43 – Looks like we’re done. No ‘one more thing.” Updates at

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