Did Apple TV Kill Netflix?

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I can't tell you how excited I am about the Apple TV “refresh.” I've already checked multiple times to see if my upgrade is there. No dice at this point.

The big question is of course, with movie rentals as part of the mix, did Apple “kill” Netflix? Any of the other models?

Last night I watched both an episode of “Law and Order Criminal Intent” and the first part of “Letters from Iwo Jima.” In my (physical) mailbox is “Once” – a movie I've heard great things about.

Were those available via Apple TV, cost would have been $1.99 for the TV show and $3.99 each for the two movies. If the kids were crazy tonight and I waited until 8p to finish “Iwo Jima,” I'd have to pay another 4 bucks. Total cost, assuming timing was good, would have been ten bucks.

I'm on the “one at a time” with unlimited streaming plan at NetFlix (I streamed the first 2 – looked great – my HDTV has a VGA input). Total cost is $9 – for the month. And there are, dear friends, another 27 days before I get charged the $9 again.

At my Albertsons is a Redbox station. If you don't know these guys, check 'em out. Very cool. They have “Iwa Jima” as well – at a buck a night. If the kids are crazy and I need to return the movie a day late the total charge is $2, not $7.98.

These things ad up.

Apple TV won't kill NetFlix on price.

What about convience?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, those first two pieces were click and stream – as easy as the Apple TV.

Yes, I had to wait a day for “Once” to show up in the mail but, honestly, I'm ok with that. Lots of people are.

And that stream now list at NetFlix is only going to get bigger.

And that buck a movie in a vending machine a half a mile way is pretty nice too if I got nothing to watch.

Yeah, she's no deal breaker – in the movie rental space at least.

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