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Update: You just have to offer bonuses for something like this. It’s kind of a “tradition” for us Internet Marketing types. Read about my bonus program for Armand’s Internet Marketing Explained program.

My friend Armand Morin (you’ve seen him comment around here) is a classic “Web 1.0” marketer. He’s made millions doing it and I respect the heck out of this guy. Disclosure.

He’s launching a new product called “Internet Marketing Explained” that’s pretty impressive – but this post ain’t about encouraging you to purchase.

Visit www.InternetMarketingBrainDump.com for more if you are interested however.

He’s done a few things in this launch that are pulling him over from a 1.0 model to a 2.0 model. I thought you’d be interested.

One thing he is doing is putting his “launch” up on a traditional Blog with full RSS, etc. He’s encouraging his affiliates to cookie customers on the way to the blog (you bet I’m doing it) so the affiliate link can be tracked but after that … it’s a 2.0 world all the way. It’s an excellent Blog too – lots of video content, great training, etc. – and importantly, no opt-in required to participate.

He’s also using a powerful Internet Video to bring people into the mode of what he’s putting together. Right now you can watch the video at the Braindump link listed above. He used the same guy we used to produce the PremiumCast.com commercial and although cheesy as all get out (so was ours, let’s face it), it does produce an emotional punch that is very valuable. Conversions at the end of the video to the opt-in list have been very impressive to say the least.

Whereas video might not seem as “2.0” to this crowd realize that a large chunk of Internet Marketing still works/exists in the traditional ‘sales letter’ model. Why those “cheesy sales letters that nobody buys from?” Well, because, simply, they work. A move outside of the proven model is impressive indeed. Yes, Armand has done video work before – but this process kicks it up a notch.

Finally, and this is a bit more subtle, he’s giving away a “report” as an opt-in mechanism that doesn’t require an opt-in. Traditional Internet Marketers would do the “give me the email before I give you the report” but as you can see right here, his PDF “Eye-Opening Report On The Simplicity Of Internet Marketing” is free to download with no strings attached.

You don’t see that often in this space.

I wish Armand the best of this launch. If you learning nothing from his Internet Marketing techniques, learn from something from how they’re changing in this Web 2.0 world.

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