Podango Watch – How Goes The Server Transition?

Update 1/19/2008: All looks well from this side. Looks like it happened without a hitch (server side at least). Anyone find anything otherwise?

Yesterday, all Podango Show Builder Lite (formally Gigavox Audio Lite) customers got an email from “The Podango Geeks” with directions on moving over from the Gigavox Servers (Podango purchased Gigavox last September) to their servers. It included this piece of info:

We are now in the final stages of transition, and wanted to give you instructions on how to utilize Podango Show Builder Lite after the final cut over on Friday, January 18th at midnight Pacific Standard Time (yup, that’s tomorrow at midnight PST).

I have never, and I’ll repeat this, NEVER been part of a server transition that has gone well – and I’ve been through plenty.

With Podango’s recent downtime (and promise to do better), it will be interesting to see how this goes.

I know the mechanics behind this move and it is nowhere near as big of a move as it could be, but things could still go bad if everything isn’t tested and tracked eight ways to Monday (or in this case, Friday at midnight).

In short, customers were asked to do three things: (1) Switch to the new link at Podango and (2) download their version of the software (makes sense).

Step (3) takes a bit more work but, at the same time, actually shows off the brilliance of this system. In short, files using SmartDelivery need to change from media.gigavox.net to media.podango.net. For some this is a massive undertaking but here is a great video that explains how to speed up that process.

The “brilliance” part comes from the very tight CName integration with their system. Trying not to get too geeky here, there was a way to make one of your domain names point to their system. For example, around here, we have media.podcastpartnership.net pointing to gigavox.net. With a simple change with our domain name host, it now points to Podango.net and, in theory, that is all we needed to do there across the dozen+ Podcasts we manage.

But as with all server transitions, the real test will be tomorrow to see how this all went.

Taking bets now …

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