User Generated Online Video Numbers Are Up … Way Up! … And We Got Cool Graphics To Prove It

I posted this link on my “Podcast Statistics” page as well. Good stuff.

The smarty pants with the coolest looking graphics over at eMarketer have a piece called “Who's Watching User-Generated Video?” that should help put to bed those pesky “this ain't going nowhere fast” rumors. Yes, it's a leak to promote their “eMarketer Online Video Content” report coming next month but these are juicy facts regardless of if you pony up for the report or not.

Haven't read the report yet. Will let you know what I think if I get a copy. My last review of an eMarketer Report wasn't that complementary and they never did send me the final version so … I'll bet I won't be seeing this one.

Anyway, as always, I recommend you read the content I'm linking to but some commentary is due regardless.

Point 1: 22.37 million online UGC video views in 2007. Projected 34 million in 2008. Show me anything else with that kind of growth rate in 2007 – I dare you.

Point 2: U.S. adults who “actively” visited video sharing sites in nearly doubled between Dec 2006 and Dec 2007. It more than doubled for that elusive female demographic. “Active users” is the key if we want to see real profit – and we have them – and they're growing. This ain't an issue of folk got a new computer and checked out the YouTube – this is an issue of people are going online on a regular basis to get content.

Point 3: The highest percentage of “actively” visited users (Dec 2007) come from households that make more than $75k a year. This should make many of my readers salivate.

Point 4: More (percentage at least) “English speaking Latinos” are viewing online than the “white” demographic. This ain't just a game for white geeks.

Good news indeed. Read the report.

Hug a new media producer, they might be Hollywood's salvation.

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