My Attempted Reverse Bully Pulpit Experiment Failed Miserably – My Fault

In my blogging about Podango’s issues, I had this concept in my head of a reverse bully pulpit for specifics kinda approach.  Instead of reporting bad news, I’d report good news and do what I can to encourage people in our space to wonder what kind of great press they might get for doing great things.  There is so much "x sucks" in blogs, etc., I thought it would be fun to report what actually is doing well. 

I also thought that when you report something down and someone fixes it, you make a big deal about the fix.  

Well it hasn’t worked.  It hasn’t gotten the response I was hoping for.  People I respect aren’t reading from this what I was attempting to write.  If the people close enough to tell me aren’t reading this the way I hoped they would, I can only wonder what the rest of the world takes from these new media ramblings. 

So, from this point on, I’m not going to blog or tweet about specific issues I’m having with any technology other than my own.  At least, that’s the goal.

And, by the way, I think is a much better service now that we took my mug off the header.

If I forget this goal, someone gently remind me please (both the specific tech issues thing and the removal of my face from the Premiumcast header)?

Re Podango and the current issue, they’re aware of it, they’re on it, they’ll fix it.  For the record, it’s my problem that I’m having with their system and that’s the story.  They have a Blog where they will report their take on what’s going on.  You can frequent that for more – it’s probably much better written anyway.

I’ll continue to report Good News.  I can’t not do that.  I’ll just remain a bit distanced from it so the lines are a bit clearer.


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