251% Increase In The Podcast Audience Projected – And Other Juicy Infonuggets

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eMarketer.com will be launching their new report “Podcast Audience: Seeking Riches in Niches” and is leaking some of their content to the public to draw interest.

It’s working. I’m interested.

Read the whole piece here but enjoy these nuggets and a comment or two first.

They project 18.5 million in the U.S. Podcast audience in 2007. With past numbers reported here (1 billion downloads for Wizzard alone), I’ll guess that’s a bit low – but I like verification that this is big.

They claim $165 million spent in Podcast advertising in 2007 and project $435 million in 2012. I’ve said it a thousand times – and Podcast advertising is only a small fraction of the money to be made from this technology.

They call Podcasts a “mainly a desktop phenomenon.” We’ve been saying that for years. However, nobody jumps right to the portable player until they hear the content on the desktop first. This is where it starts. Remember, that whole Web thing was a “largely university phenomenon” when it started too.

If I get a copy of the report, I’ll let you know what I think of their number crunching but I won’t regurgitate it for you. We need people like eMarketer to help validate our efforts – and it looks like this report is doing just that. This is money well spent.

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