Create a Podcast – Help Me Make This Reference Excellent

I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone – check out another player out there and put together that ultimate “how to podcast” resource (or at least set of links, etc.) I’ve been meaning to put together.

I put up a “Create A Podcast” lens at Squidoo. First things first, any/all profit made from that page will go to Tim Ferris’ Lit Liberation program.

So, I need the best links to the best how to pages on podcast creation. So much of this content is so old, I thought we could really do with an effective “spring cleaning” of sorts.

So, please list your favorite podcast creation tools here as a comment or post a guestbook post at the Podcast Creation Lens. Either way, we’ll get them up there and have a great reference product we can send people to who keep asking us that same question over and over.

P.s., I’ve got a quick survey on there for your favorite Podcast Creation book. At the very least vote on that one so I know what to really push. I kinda learned this myself before the books so … I want to see what the world things/says. Vote on the poll.

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