The (Clear) Social Media Telesummit Ticket Winner Is …

A few days back I asked my audience a question about the Social Media Telesummit. In short, I wanted to know which of the presenters they were looking forward to hearing from and why.

Of the 24 comments, there was one that really stuck out to me.

It was Shamus Brown and he said

I am looking forward to hearing from Christina Hills The Shopping Cart Queen. I want to hear how she gets more visitors that convert to buyers with her podcast.

This is the kinda of attitude I recommend people bring to any training program like this one. This technology is nice and sweet, but if it doesn’t CONVERT or SELL or BRING NEW CUSTOMERS or something like that, it ain’t worth it. The Social Media Telesummit will be all about results – that’s why I’m so excited about it.

Want to hear some real results? Tomorrow (2/6/2008) at 7p Pacific / 10p Eastern, I’ll have Leesa live on the New Media Matters Show talking social media success stories and her reasons for putting on this event. You can ask questions through the interface or get a glimpse of the kinda of results we’re talking about – and will be talking about.

Shamus Brown, we have your email and will be contacting you with you free access below.

Everyone else, I hope to see you at the event.

In all seriousness, do listen in on the recording tomorrow. At the very least, sign up for the New Media Matters Show so you can get the recording. It will change the way you look at these things and get you, like Shamus, focussed on results.

And if we’ve done that, I’ll sleep like a baby.

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