Premium Bitter At Just $4 A Month

Dan Klass’ The Bitterest Pill has been a staple in the Podcast space for quite some time.  If you haven’t subscribed in the past, you’ve been missing out.

He announced in his first show of the year that he needed to make a few bucks on the show if he wanted to keep doing the show.  This, of course, caught the attention of his audience.

He mentioned the option of going paid-Podcast.  Of course, this caught my attention as well.

The Bitterest Pill is now a Premium Podcast.  Here’s the information at the Bitterest Pill site and here it is in’s Directory.  He can do this, I know he can.

A month of Bitter for less than the price of a pitcher of bitters at the local pub.  A great deal. 

Who will be next to go premium?

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