Apple TV Take 2 – This Podcaster’s Perspective

As per Engadget (and TUAW and few zillion other gadget blog sites already), the "Take 2" update for Apple TV is loose and available for download.  As I type these first sentences, my system is in the process of downloading and upgrading. 

As always, I’ll try to give the Podcasting / New Media angle on my initial thoughts re this reboot.

The "promise" of Apple TV (Take 2) is an interesting one – we don’t need to hook this thing up to a computer to get some real power.  What we have now is a machine that connects to the Internet without a computer somewhere acting as our person inbetween.  I like the theory – how well does it work?

First thing of note – Subscriptions in YouTube.  This could and will be amazingly powerful if we get enough of these boxes (or any box that allows for YouTube subscriptions) in front of people.

Second thing of note – Entering in anything (logins/passwords) via the remote is really annoying.  I can only imagine entering a Podcast RSS URL (haven’t done it yet).

Number 3 – The movie rental process is incredible.  Nice and clean.  Gorgeous.  I will be renting movies this way.

Number 4 – Podcasts.  Wow.  Yes, you can subscribe, etc., but there is also a play on demand kind of option in here.  You pick what you want to watch and can either watch or subscribe as you wish.  Nice. 

Your Podcast Perspective is this … this changes EVERYTHING.  I’ll be writing more here as soon as I soak it all in.

Color me very impressed.


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