Friday February 15th Is Sell Your Podcast Day – A Free Webcast And Webinar About Selling Your Premium Podcast Content

Can you feel the Premium Podcast Content buzz?  With the recent launch of the Premium Pill, people are asking all sorts of questions about launching a premium podcast.  

How can I not help answer some of these questions?  And, no, I couldn't be more thrilled 😉

This Friday, we're going to do two things – 1) a live streaming audio webcast where I answer questions about selling Podcast content and 2) a live webinar where we set up the affiliate program for Dan's Bitterest Pill Premium Cast.

The listen to the live streaming audio webcast, submit a question here.  That will both give you access to the webcast and make sure I answer the questions that people actually have.  I've been doing this so long, so much comes second nature to me. 

Hopefully I'll answer your question.  BTW, all questions answered on the live cast get 3 free months of the viral version of to do the very thing so many of you want to do.  The event is Friday afternoon at 1p Pacific.

Earlier that day I'm offering a live webinar where I'm going to help Dan setup the affiliate program for his Podcast.  You are invited to attend that as well.  We'll be using the system, so we can let in a thousand of our closest friends if they're interested.  I'll record the thing for anyone who can't attend live and will shoot out a copy to anyone who RSVPs online.

Here's the link to RSVP.

So, … in summary.

We're going to answer any questions you might have about premium podcasting for free – you just need to submit a question.

We're inviting you to a behind the scenes look as we set up an affiliate program for Dan's premium podcast – you just need to rsvp.

Yeah, Friday should be fun … and hopefully profitable for you too.

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