I Love The Web 2.0, I Also Love What Works

I should file this under a "fun with numbers" category – or something like that – but this should be fun.

I figured my "7 Ways The Apple TV Is A Game Changer" piece would help bring some of that viral 2.0 ish traffic.  Here’s how I did …

My Twitters … 8 clicks.

The Facebook … 9 clicks.

That Traffic Powerhouse Digg … 19 clicks.

StumbleUpon.com … 293 clicks.

Yup, them Web 2.0 clicks are the ones that work, right?

Now, about MacSurfer.com … no RSS … no edged corners … no funky spelling … no Web 2.0 luv at all …

They sent me 834 clicks.

Yup, go with what works people.

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