Strange Things At The Video Sites – A Little Experiment

I put together a little video about maximizing the Social Media Telesummit over at YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Google, DailyMotion and  The same video was submitted to these 6 sites (I'm certainly not the type to create 6 different videos).

According to my Mac, the video is 10 minutes and 19 seconds.  Since I created this video on my Mac, I'm going to trust that.

Over at YouTube, well, heck, I'll embed it …

… you'll notice that it makes the video 9 minutes 12 and starts with audio later in the piece.

The video as submitted looks great over at Blip (see the embed):

but … it lists it at 10:06.  Where did those other 15 seconds go.

Here she is at MySpace …

… but it starts my video on the second slide. WhatTheHeck? And, by the way, MySpace clocks it in at 10:05.

I'm really confused.  Anyone else having these kinds of problems?

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