On Podshow, CDNS, New Media Technology and Owning Your Own Stuff

Quick definition – CDN stands for “content delivery network.” These are the services that not only provide our customers with new media content, but get it there fast enough that you can do things like stream on your cool new Apple TV. There are some good ones and there are some bad ones.

As I said last month, “the network matters again.” One thing I didn’t emphasize has made for interesting conversation in the last few days. So, as always, I thought I’d chip in …

Adam Curry writes about the current Limelight issues that are, although certainly out there, insignificant to Podshow. He writes,

“As with any well planned media infrastructure, PodShow’s platform is completely CDN agnostic.”

Did you catch that?

Podshow needs a CDN, but Podshow doesn’t need Limelight. They’ve got a great relationship with Limelight and it looks like Curry was using his Blog to repeat that support … but … they don’t need Limelight.

I immediately thought of the new media types who weep at Revver’s demise.

I couldn’t help but wonder what wold happen if Libsyn suddenly started charging what they’re worth.

I hope none of my readers think they need any specific technology or company to succeed in this space any more.

I wouldn’t want to be in the CDN business, the hosting business, or anything else that’s a commodity.

I refuse to build a business that is based on another company’s performance. That’s a recipe for disaster.

That is the real unique difference of what we have. We can build our content, build our inventory, build our legacy, and wait for the technology to sort things out.

How can you not love this space?

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