Listen To Me – The Apple Announcement Is About A LOT More Than iPhone. Apple Is Now In The Indie Content Sales Business.

In case you haven’t heard, Apple launched the iPhone SDK today. Yeah, I know, you’ve been so busy reading up on the Microsoft announcements at Mix08 that you missed out on the Apple hype – but Apple is a company that deserves at least some attention in this space too!

Note to self, remove tongue from cheek.

Yes, the iPhone is hot and sexy right now and, yes, it will be a lot of fun to have new apps on my iPhone, but something much more important happened today that I think too many missed.

Apple entered the indie content sales arena today.

You got content you want to sell to Apple’s customers? They’ll let you, take the credit card, do all the paperwork, and will send you 70% of the take.

Not a bad deal at all.

If you think this is only an iPhone application deal and it ain’t coming (and soon) to other forms of content (audio, video), you aren’t paying attention.

You heard it here first.

We’ll be selling content in iTunes this Christmas for options other than $9.95 CDs, $1.99 music videos and $.99 cent audio tracks.

Prove me wrong.

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