Podcasting, New Media and the iPhone SDK – Apple Is Now Selling Indie Content

Well the Apple iPhone SDK announcements were made today. I got the majority of my information from Engadget’s always stellar liveblogging of the event. The MetaliveBlog from TUAW is nice as well. Here are my thoughts:

Licensing ActiveSync for iPhone. All the “iPhones ain’t for business” excuses just went away. The no new programs for interaction with Exchange bit it a brilliant part of Apple’s “let’s win them over one person at a time strategy.” Paul likes. But what about New Media?

Giving the outside world access to their SDK for making third party apps. No faster way to add numbers to the already insanely impressive iPhone numbers. Holding nothing back – strong business move.

Games. Nice, but does nothing for me.

AppStore. I’m actually glad this one doesn’t come out until June because I need to wrap my arms around this one. Apple, dear friends, now officially in the business of selling indie content. Sure, it’s Apps this June.

What is it in August?

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