A Podcast Secrets Strategy Session

Update: This just in, we're doing three more strategy sessions before we close the class for the year.

Obviously, we're in full promotion for Podcast Secrets around here. Here's another marketing model that you might want to examine – or even participate in.

So consider this if you're considering Podcast Secrets – or consider this if you're looking for ways to sell your own training or bigger ticket items … (I wouldn't do it if it wasn't so effective – and didn't produce great content too)

See, our first goal is not to get you to “buy-in” to our 6-module course (yet). But I do want you to register for our 2+ hour Tele-Training for $20.

The content for this call is unconditionally guaranteed for 365 days after the live date, so there's no reason not to get registered now.

To sweeten the pot, and to get you to consider our program, Alex and I want to “ethically bribe” you to pay $20 and listen to us live on April 2nd (or via Podcast).

Here's the ethical bribe: A *live* Strategy Session!

So, if you register for the $20 call, I'm offering a live 24-on-1 Strategy Session this Saturday (4/28) at 3pm Pacific standard time.

Why do this?

I'm doing this because last year we changed the lives of many Entrepreneurs with our Podcast Secrets course.

This year, we plan to have 4X as many marketers taking our 6-module course.

The first step is the $20 call. The live (*free*) Strategy Sessions for Podcast Secrets just help sweeten the pot.

Worst case: Pay the $20 now; attend the Strategy Session, then listen to live $20 Podcast Secrets preview call on April 2nd at 6pm PST…

… if you don't want to join us for the 6-module course and don't feel the content was was worth $20, just ask for a cash refund. It's that easy!

And the live strategy session comes with our compliments.

If you're even considering Podcast Secrets, consider joining me tomorrow for the live strategy session. If you've ever considered a higher ticket training program like Podcast Secrets, consider doing something like this of your own.

It works very well – and everybody wins.

Grab your ticket to the Podcast Secrets Preview call and join me for the live strategy session tomorrow.

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