Podcast Secrets 2008 – The Call Is Tonight!

I looked at the people with access to tonight's call a few minutes ago. We passed the thousand mark. Wow.

And, as history shows, a bunch bunch more will come in today.

For those who haven't grabbed access to tonight's call yet, you can get it here – Podcast Secrets 2008.

With the 4 figure guest list, we had to make a couple of changes. Among other things, we'll be streaming the event in addition to the teleseminar. As always, the more technologies involved, the more chances for Murphy to kick in (so the blood rushes a little fast today). Everyone who bought the call got directions for access a few minutes ago.

The story of tonight's call has been picked up in the press, discussed on the Podcast Brothers show, covered in Podcasting News, and very nicely marketed by a number of last year's students. Couldn't be more thrilled with the press.

Last year the call was right after the closing of the European Corporate Podcasting Summit (of which I was M.C. (and not in the cool rapper way)) and I it from a hotel room in London at 2am. This year it will be from the comfort of my office.

I put up a “Fan” page for Podcast Secrets at Facebook as a test that is at nearly 100 people already. Much fun. Join us?

One more note – 40 minutes into the call, we're giving away some very cool free stuff – look for that as well.

The call is tonight, and I should be getting ready for it.

I just couldn't help but blog this first.

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