Why I Twitter – And Why It Just Might Make Business Sense

7 Reasons Why Twitter Is Not A Waste Of My Time (and might in fact make decent business sense):

1 – I can post a question to my Tweets and get an answer back in minutes. I've received help in formatting PDFs, choosing Mac software, dealing with Apple and even finding something online. I've helped answer other's questions as well – this ain't a one-way thing. (BTW, it ain't just 13 years olds who do this. I've had CEOs of VC backed Valley firms help me this way.) In comparison, “help “at my last “job” took 4 times longer – and we were all in the same office.

2 – A scan of the Twittosphere can give me the feeling for things in an “instant.” When some “big announcement” happens online, I got to Twitter to see if it is really important. @scoble is right, it is who you follow. 2 minutes and I know if I want to go down a 4-hour rabbit hole. Again, compare that to the traditional “office.”

3 – If not abused I can send a link via Twitter. I'll probably Tweet this posting. The traffic on Twitter gives me great clickthroughs and an audience to examine what I've put out there. We're talking instant response to my work – not placing it in someone's inbox and hoping they'll get to it in a week or so.

4 – I can both participate and lurk from my phone at the time and place of my choosing. When I need to be doing something else, I can ignore Twitter. When I've got moments (that don't steal from my family) I jump in to the conversation. That same cell phone let my old boss catch me whenever he wanted to catch me. He doesn't have that authority anymore.

5 – If I go away for a few days I have a quick, 140 characters at a time, history of what I missed. Not only can I catch up when I want, I can catch up where I want to and, let's admit it, only catch up with who I want to.

6 – A Tweet takes a minute or so to write. This Blog post, over an hour. ‘Nuff said.

7 – Gosh darn it, there is the most “real” of conversations happening with my virtual friends in Twitter. Details like someone's BSG fandom, recent divorce, birth of child, lost of atm card, or coming travels gives me the upper hand in a conversation that doesn't have to be only “so, are you gonna mail the piece?” A glimpse into the lives of who I'm dealing with via technology may be one of my favorite things about technology.

Convinced? Maybe follow me in Twitter?

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