New Media Green – Or Why The Full Time Podcasters Love The Earth More

New Media Green …

Earth Day 2008 … Be kind to our Mother. … You know, “inconvenient truths” and all that stuff.

New Media Green …

Someone posted a comment over at BigTrip.TV asking about the offsetting of carbon emissions for their coming project.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t imagine the mindset of trying to tear down the success of someone else in the “name” of something else. It’s 2008 and we’re still doing that witch hunt thing.

But I digress, or do I?

Can I tell you a bit about my business?

I seldom get in the car.

I don’t drive during rush hour.

I pay (real) taxes on local transit every year – yet seldom use it. Hundreds of dollars each year mind you. A bus pass for everyone in my extended family would be cheaper (just not needed). I got friends who drive to work every day (during rush hour) that pay far less than I do in this area.

I work out of my basement – have had heat down there 4 days in the last two years. Never needed air conditioning down there.

Bottled water? Don’t be silly. That would mean I’d have to leave the house. I got a tap – and a nice filter.

I can do this because I’m one of those New Media types who pays the bills with my Podcasts.

Yes, good money generated from 1’s and 0’s.

That’s green.

My Podcasts and new media … no dead trees, no pieces of molded plastic. No mounds of tape or film. No plane (or boat) loads from China.

And since I pay the bills with ’em, I don’t need a day job to “carbon offset” (although I would like to get a piece of that carbon offset business – sounds very lucrative).

As a matter of fact, I’d suggest that if you really love Planet Earth, you might want to consider “going pro” in New Media yourself.

Or at least minding your own business.

And making that business as green as it can be.

But back to the topic at hand …

In all seriousness, I am always curious why New Media doesn’t get the green earth loving thumbs up that it should get.

We’re doing exactly what we should be doing – making a difference while minimizing our footprint.

Much less waste, much less paper, much less plastic, much less catered lunches.

So, in summary, …

For those of you who want to use this day to shame someone else into action, shame on you.

For those making the big money this Earth Day, hats off to you for understanding how to ride a trend.

For those of you actually trying to do the right thing, thanks.

BTW, we figured out how to stuff a zillion songs into something the size of a deck of cards. We also, thank goodness, figured out how to let a guy like me make a great living making content to go with those zillion songs …

… I bet we could green ourselves up real good (if we put our minds to it) …

… and at a nice profit too.

Happy Earth Day. Do something smart with it.

Here’s to some New Media Green.

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