New Media Makers – Distribution Need Not Be Your Worry – Keep Making Content Worth Making

What a great time to be a new media maker.

How can you not make money if you got a great product?

Distribution is getting easier and easier and everyone is fighting over the chance to distribute your content.

We hear that 40% of all music will be distributed digitally by 2012. Let's put that into perspective:

Click on this link. It's the direct link to my CD at iTunes.

Don't worry, it's spoken word – not music.

How did I get that in there? Not only do they sell my CD directly but they are the ones who put it at PayPlay, Inprodicon, GreatIndieMusic, AudioLunchbox, Tradebit, MusicIsHere, Apple iTunes, GroupieTunes, BuyMusic, Verizon, Napster, Ruckus, Pocketgroup and Amazon. Total cost to me was $35.

40% of all access to that kind of media and I'm in at $35. YES!

Speaking of Amazon, I'm working on getting some titles in the Kindle. Here's how I'm going to do it. It's even easier than getting them to sell your book in their bookstore.

I'm also seriously considering their fulfillment services. As any of my readers know, I'm not usually one to sell my stuff for ten bucks. This should let me fix that issue.


But I sure won't be pressing discs around here with a company like Kunaki to do that kind of work for me.

When I caught Battlestar Galactica last night on my Xbox via Amazon Unbox, I remember the piece I wrote over a year ago about publishing your video content via that channel (which means Tivo and some other cool options as well). That option is still there.

And if you don't think some sort of option for getting into the iTunes Store for video producers is coming, you haven't been connecting any dots as of late.

So, physical fulfillment, digital delivery, protected video content, disc production and more can all be outsourced and made very possible and very doable today.

But Paul, I want a piece of that advertising budget I keep hearing about. No fair that us indies can't get a piece of that.

Uh, … first of all I have to insert my token “I don't know if that's the smartest path to go down” statement … but if you want to go down that path, I have to point to Ninja.

You can't get much more indie than Kent and Douglas yet rate card says they're getting $40 CPM for their pageviews and that they're getting 730,000 page views a month (yes, that's more than 29K a month for the banner ads). If you got the audience, you can get the green without getting bought by someone else.

And, yes, I know that's rate card and that Federated certainly gets their piece but … this is very doable is my only point.

And yes, you have to have the numbers which is A) the marketplace – deal with it and B) the reason I think selling for higher to a smaller audience is a better move all together. But I digress.

So while others bicker about the meaning of the word Podcasting and more money gets spent in streaming pipe dreams remember this dear friends …

Those with the content are the winners when distribution becomes a commodity.

And we're already there.

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