A Premiumcast.com Update – And A Free Webinar

I'm feeling pretty good about Premiumcast.com right now.

We did a lot of good with it with the iYule.tv project (and wait till you see what we got planned Christmas 2008).

One of my favorite Podcasters in the world moved over to it and is seeing not just revenue from his Podcast, but getting a chance to better understand who and what his audience really is.

The PMPrepcast has, and I'll say it, changed the face of online training and has already let Cornelius “quit the day job” too. I love it when folk go pro like that. I couldn't be more thrilled that Premiumcast was the tool that made it possible.

Podcast Secrets 2008 is actually running hundreds of students and alumni in the private member site features of this system and I'd dare say we haven't had a hiccup yet. You'll be hearing a lot about this option for premium medium delivery in the future I'm sure.

Yeah, growth is good enough that we're grabbing a booth at the New Media Expo. Should be fun. Come by and say hi!

But between now and then, I've got something worth mentioning.

Next Thursday (May 8th) at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern, I'm going to be hosting a special webinar –

The Seven Secrets Of Premiumcast.com That Change Media Distribution And Sales Forever

Yes, I believe Premiumcast.com is that powerful.

I'm going to be experimenting with some very cool Webinar technology that night.

I'll also be giving away a few prizes for people who are able to attend live.

Your ticket price?

An account a Premiumcast.com.

And, yes, the free account at Premiumcast.com is fine.

See you next Thursday night?

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