7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To New Media Expo

We're just 100 days away friends …

Yes, you read this right, reasons why you shouldn't attend.

7 reasons why you shouldn't go to New Media Expo 2008:

#7 – You're pretty sure that the reason Tim didn't ask you to be one of the 60 sessions is because he wants to announce you as a keynote.

#6 – You can't believe the Hilton has an 8 people per room limit.

#5 – You're hoping Jason Calacanis gives up hope on Vlog Idol and tries again at the Libsyn Party.

#4 – Your #1 New Media Expo Las Vegas Business Goal – Cher Tickets.

#3 – You think 99 cents is too much for a foot long hot dog.

#2 – You liked things better when the DSC was only double-digits.

#1 – You honestly think there is another event anywhere this year that makes more strategic sense for you and your business.

I'll be there, we bought a booth.

And business will be done.

The industry is maturing, finally.

My presentation is on going pro. Join me?

A fun video from last year embedded below.

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