What “The Channel That Used To Play Music Videos” Has To Teach Us About Video Podcasting

I keep hearing over and over how the “future” of Podcasting is video – how all the money is there.

Now, let’s get the simple statement out of the way the simple fact that just because “the money is in” something, doesn’t mean it will last.

Bubble 1 anyone?

So, remember MTV? Music Television?

Yeah, the channel that is the home to MySweet16HillsJackassMakingTheBandCribs used to by 24 hour a day music videos.

And they used to be “King.”

Because, video was the “future of music.”

Remember that?

Remember the whole “no album is going to be released without a music video series” thing?

Yeah, howz that working for you?

Now, the music video ain’t dead. But the music video is hardly the force that it once was.


Cause it’s music / not video.

It’s not enough to support what we thought it was going to support. It can’t even support a third-rate cable station.

None of the “Music Stations” play music anymore – the video ones at least.

It’s like the audio book – a nice idea, but if you want to make any cash, you probably still want that dead tree action.

Or at least some of that KindleLuvin.

I get over and over again that this “Video Podcasting” is the future nonsense.

It ain’t.

It’s a format.

GeekBrief would never work as an audio Podcast – at least in it’s form.

Ninja as 5 minute comedycast? Forget it.

But saying the “future” is in video is like saying the future is in …

… Music Videos …

… or Audio Books …

… or Chain Rice Pudding Stores

If we’re going to progress as an industry, we’re going to go with what makes business sense, not what’s sexy this week/month/year.

Just a thought.

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