Traditional Media Numbers Are Way Down … Guess Why?

TV Week tells us “On average, the [television] networks are off the mark by 10% from last year in total viewers and off 17% in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic.”

The Seattle PI is one of the few zillion who wrote about Fox’s attempt to bring us back by, and I’m not joking, limiting commercials. Really. They also think it’s going to help.

At the same time Ninja (embedded below – you might have to click through to watch this one) reminds us that 11.5 billion videos were viewed online in March. I’ll let Ninja make sure you understand how much that is.

This weekend, hordes of people aren’t going to pay for Indy IV because of two big reasons: A) the movie is pretty much understood to be lousy and B) the movie going experience these days is fundamentally understood to be lousy.

Are we all just outside playing games like Mom told us too way back then? No, that ain’t it either.

A real survey done right (17,000 users in 29 countries (look for the Wave 3 Report)) tells us that more than 70% of Chinese Internet users download Podcasts (as opposed to 29.5% U.S.A.) and that worldwide, we have a 71% penetration for weekly video online consumption.

Numbers will continue to go down for anyone that makes us consume on their terms.

Numbers will continue to go up for anyone that lets us consume on our terms.

It’s that simple.

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