On Demand CD And DVD Sales For The New Media Producer – What Is Most Important To You?

Imagine for moment that you had access to an on-demand CD and DVD printing company. Basically, click a few buttons and a CD or DVD of your content is printed (gorgeous 3 color silkscreen) and shipped directly to your customer.

Imagine that I could give you the ecommerce to do this all with a simple PayPal account (or Merchant Account) so that someone could order your product online and have it shipped directly to them.

Totally hands off to you …

No inventory.

No minimum orders.

Customer orders and product is shipped.

You only pay for the production from the money the customer paid for your product.

Can you visualize this?

Would you like access to this?

If I gave you access to something like this, answer me this simple question …

What would be the most important thing to you in a product or service like this?

I can’t wait for your comments …

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